bballgm allows you to sit in the hot seat of your favorite team. What moves would you make if you were the general manager of an NBA franchise? You can play a single player simulation or build your portfolio up by submitting scouting reports, player ratings, and redo drafts.

We will store the information historically so you can check back to see how accurate your reports and ratings were. Use it as bragging material or to learn from your mistakes. We have plans to add a predictions section and possibly other fantasy games.


A single-player NBA simulation game that you can play on your own web browser. Take over an NBA team. Sign free agents, make trades, and draft players while managing the salary cap. Can you build a dynasty before you get fired?

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All-NBA Drafts

The All-NBA Draft allows you to run a draft involving every active NBA player for up to 30 teams. What would happen if the NBA started over, made everyone a free agent, and held a giant draft?

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Redo Drafts

The Redo Draft allows you to go back and redo any NBA draft. How would the draft unfold if you knew everything you did now?

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Recent NBA Scouting Reports

Everyone is welcome to submit their own scouting reports for players they are familiar with. This will become a great resource to have at your finger tips as it grows!

Player Position Height Weight Team Written By Written On
Steven Adams C 7' 0" 255 lbs Oklahoma City Thunder paybrez Sep 27, 2016
Kent Bazemore SG 6' 5" 200 lbs Atlanta Hawks Cody_30 Sep 26, 2016
Jaylen Brown SF 6' 7" 220 lbs Boston Celtics Drummerboy247 Sep 26, 2016
Stanley Johnson SF 6' 7" 245 lbs Detroit Pistons Unknown Sep 22, 2016
Giannis Antetokounmpo SF 6' 11" 215 lbs Milwaukee Bucks Mstsd141123 Sep 21, 2016

All NBA Scouting Reports

Recent NBA Player Ratings

You can rate every current NBA player from 1 - 100 on our Player Ratings page. You can see how the community has rated your favorite players and then add your own insight to the mix. Your votes will affect the player ratings throughout the site, so be sure to rate players fairly.

Player Position Height Weight Team Rating Rated By
Russell Westbrook PG 6' 3" 200 lbs Oklahoma City Thunder 99 Ranger14
Kawhi Leonard SF 6' 7" 230 lbs San Antonio Spurs 95 Ranger14
Kyrie Irving PG 6' 3" 195 lbs Cleveland Cavaliers 93 Ranger14
Dwight Howard C 6' 11" 265 lbs Atlanta Hawks 89 Ranger14
Serge Ibaka PF 6' 10" 245 lbs Orlando Magic 88 Ranger14
Draymond Green PF 6' 7" 230 lbs Golden State Warriors 84 Ranger14
Klay Thompson SG 6' 7" 205 lbs Golden State Warriors 90 Ranger14
Amar'e Stoudemire C 6' 10" 245 lbs Free Agent 88 Ranger14
Carmelo Anthony SF 6' 8" 240 lbs New York Knicks 90 Ranger14
Dwyane Wade SG 6' 4" 220 lbs Chicago Bulls 87 Ranger14

All NBA Player Ratings

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